Canto Ostinato XL
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Canto Ostinato XL

Composer: Simeon ten Holt
Title: Canto Ostinato XL
Performer: Jeroen van Veen & friends

Sandra & Jeroen van Veen, piano
Marcel Bergmann, piano
Aart Bergwerff, orgel
Irene Russo, piano
Fred Oldenburg, piano
Peter Elbertse, marimba
Esther Doornink, marimba

12 CD box
Recording: various locations 1999- 2012
Label: Brilliant Classics 9434

Release: Jan 2014
€45,- 75,-

Ten Holt: Canto Ostinato XL

Canto Ostinato (version for piano)
Canto Ostinato (version for two pianos)
Canto Ostinato, for four pianos
Canto Ostinato (version for Three Pianos & Organ)
Canto Ostinato (version for Solo Organ)
Canto Ostinato (version for Two Pianos & Two Marimbas)
Canto Ostinato (version for Multitrack Marimbas)
Canto Ostinato (version for Two Prepared Pianos)
Canto Ostinato (version for Synthesizers)

Jeroen van Veen piano (synthesizer), Sandra van Veen piano (synthesizer), Marcel Bergmann (piano), Irene Russo (piano), Fred Oldenburg (piano), Esther Doornink (marimba), Peter Elbertse (marimba), Aart Bergwerff (organ)

9 different versions of one work in one 12‐CD box?
Are we bewitched? Yes, we are…

Anyone having experienced the power of Canto Ostinato by Simeon ten Holt will come under the spell of the hallucinatory effect of this iconic work, the most famous Dutch work for piano of the 20th century, one of the “classics” of minimal music.

Jeroen van Veen and friends present the work in a variety of arrangements, ranging from piano solo through multiple pianos, organ, marimbas and synthesizers, each revealing other aspects of this deceptively simple work in which the harmonies shift imperceptibly in slowly changing waves.

Liner notes on the composer by the artist, who worked in close collaboration till the composer’s death in 2012.

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